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Nicaragua Mario Gonzales Los Suyates Lot 869

Nicaragua Mario Gonzales Los Suyates Lot 869

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REGION / El Volcan, Dipilto

VARIETAL /  Catuai, Catimor

PROCESSING / SuperNatural

ALTITUDE / 1450-1700masl

PROFILE / Pinot noir, Pineapple, Cherry Compote, Dried Apricot, Grapefruit, Cacao Nibs

Less than 5km from the border of Nicaragua and Honduras, and in close proximity to neighbouring farm El Amparo, lies Los Suyates, nestled in dense countryside beside the small town El Volcán. Producer Mario Gonzalez, with the help of Jairo, his son-in-law and qualified agronomist, nurtures the soil and ensures biodiversity is supported on their farms so they are as self-sustaining as possible. Situated at 1450-1700 masl the catuai and catimor trees benefit from local flora and fauna, the microclimate, wind and sun protection from the pine trees once used for timber, and also the organic material from the fruit trees on the farm. Before 2006 the Gonzalez family had never produced or sold coffee as they worked in the timber industry. Since 2017, working alongside Bridazul and Project Origin they now produce consistent specialty green coffee beans each year, including larger traditionally washed lots, micro-lots and coffees for our CM Selections range.

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