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Kenya Wahundura AB

Kenya Wahundura AB

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REGION / Murang’a county

VARIETAL / Ruiri 11, SL28, SL38, Batian


ALTITUDE / 1750-1850masl

PROFILE / Blackcurrant, Lime, Grapefruit, Marmalade, Brown Sugar

Wahundura is a coffee washing factory located in Murang'a County, Kenya, and is one of four active washing stations owned by the Kamachiria Coffee Farmers' Cooperative Society (FCS). All the coffee cherries are hand-picked and delivered on the same day to the washing station. Upon arrival, the cherries undergo meticulous sorting by hand to remove any unripe or damaged ones. The coffee is then dry fermented for 8 hours to break down the sugars and remove the mucilage (sticky fruit covering) from the outside of the beans. After fermentation, the coffee is rinsed and placed in a washing channel where it is washed with fresh water from nearby Rwarai and Gatura Rivers, the beans are then sent to soaking tanks, where they sit underwater for a further 12 hours. This process increases the proteins and amino acids, which in turn heightens the complexity of the acidity.

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